The challenges created by our customers’ needs regarding material, tight precision tolerances and geometrical complexities, require PicoParts to use a large set of unique and sophisticated technologies. These are the reasons why PicoParts possess all the required technologies to manufacture Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic and other hard-material parts. Production starts with technologies such as Powder Metallurgy, cold and hot pressing, injection molding and extrusion. We then proceed to sintering using vacuum furnaces for hard-metals and dedicated accurate-temperature furnaces for ceramics. Following the sintering phase we use grinding, polishing, electro-erosion and laser welding among additional technologies.

The wide range of serviced markets and the fast pace of technology changes initiated by our customers, dictates a rapid and constant adoption of new technologies, R&D procedures and accompanying technical equipment. Therefore PicoParts is among the selected few companies worldwide that are able to manufacture sophisticated precision parts made from hard-materials, starting from powder and continuing to final finished goods.

Pico Parts is at your service in any challenge and obstacle