Small Gear Pumps serve various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Medical, Chemistry, Aeronautics, Bio-Technology and more. Small Gear Pumps are required to supply very accurate and constant flow in a repeatable way. Pulseless flow rate accuracy is crucial to the markets these small pumps serve and thus the technical requirements for these pumps’ components are very high. Small pumps are used for the dosing and dispensing of abrasive & corrosive materials, chemicals and adhesives and therefore need to have strong wear and corrosion resistance.


Vast Experience

PicoParts has been active in the Small Gear Pump Industry since 2000. Our focus is on the rotating parts which are the heart of these pumps. The parts we manufacture include shafts and gears made of high wear resistance materials that are capable of working with highly abrasive and corrosive liquids. These include Ceramics and Hard metals. The use of these materials is the key to maintaining accurate and repeatable flow plus long product life. Smaller pumps have smaller rotating parts thus accuracy becomes even more crucial. PicoParts works hand in hand with its customers to find the right selection of materials, production processes and technical geometries to guarantee the pump’s required properties.

Thinking “Outside The Box”

PicoParts is using its capabilities and experience from other markets it serves in order to supply “outside the box” solutions. PicoParts is known to succeed where others have failed and to use production processes other than mainstream ones. The Small Gear Pump Industry is one example of our unique thinking and experience in using special procedures that guarantee ultra tight tolerances, great surface roughness and strong wear resistance.

Unmatched Quality

PicoParts controls every phase of the production process in the strictest manner. Our Quality Control Department monitors product lifecycle starting from powder selection to final grinding and polishing. We use dedicated computer software and statistical processes as well as 100% testing of critical properties to ensure zero failure, resulting in the highest quality gears and shafts.

Pico Parts is at your service in any challenge and obstacle