The Pressure Washer Industry includes high pressure cleaning machines as well as floor sweepers. These machines use cold or hot water in high pressure as well as special cleaning chemicals. The high pressure cleaners include spray guns used for cleaning the dirty surface. These spray guns include various kinds of spray nozzles ranging from flat spray nozzles made of Stainless Steel or Brass to high pressure turbo rotating nozzles made from Ceramics or Tungsten Carbide. The floor sweepers include ceramic parts for their rotation axis in order to stand up to hard materials and give a longer lifetime. The rotating Ceramic and Tungsten Carbide parts in both machine types need to have high wear resistance and to withstand corrosive materials. The rotating nozzles, also referred as Turbo Nozzles, are required to supply a constant and accurate flow rate.


Accurate Flow and Spray Pattern

Since its inception, PicoParts has been serving the pressure washer industry. PicoParts provides Ceramic and Tungsten Carbide parts for professional cleaning machines and floor sweepers. PicoParts manufactures rotating nozzles and seats made of Ceramics (Alumina Al203, ZTA and Zirconia ZrO2) as well as Tungsten Carbide with a Nickel binder for corrosion resistance. PicoParts’ rotating nozzles guarantee an accurate flow according to our customers’ requirements without the need for additional honing operations. Each batch of rotating nozzles is tested at our labs before shipment for flow rate, sealing and accurate spray pattern.

Diverse Nozzle Structure

PicoParts is capable of creating diversified Rotating Nozzle structures for the inner and outer rotating nozzle dimensions. This allows our customers to achieve their required spray angle, flow rate and rotation speed. Our techniques of cold pressing, high quality powders selection and our control of the entire production process, allows us to achieve superior quality at an affordable price.


Ceramic discs for high pressure floor sweepers

These Ceramic Discs are used for high pressure floor sweepers. Two discs are mounted in the rotating axle allowing long life time and smooth operation.

Ceramic rotating nozzles

These Ceramic Discs are used for high pressure floor sweepers. Two discs are mounted in the rotating axle allowing long life time and smooth operation.

Carbide rotating nozzles

These Orbital Rotating Nozzles are made of Nickel based Tungsten Carbide for corrosion resistance and are for professional use only. They are used from time to time with sea water and hot water with temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius and with pressures of 10,000psi or more. PicoParts is capable of reaching any outer and inner diameters according to our customers’ specifications. Our Orbital Rotating Nozzles have superior operating lifetime, create less vibration and have a more accurate flow rate.Each orbital rotating nozzles batch is tested before shipment at our labs for flow rate, vibration and spray pattern. Read more

Zirconia rotating nozzles

These are Zirconia Orbital Rotating Nozzles for the pressure washer industry. These turbo nozzles are much smaller than standard nozzles and are placed into smaller housings making the whole assembly much lighter. The use of pure Zirconia makes this item much harder thus more wear resistant. Read more

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