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In Precision Components


Pico Parts is a manufacturer of small precision products made from a wide selection of materials and serving customers all over the world. Our main specialties are Tungsten Carbide and technical Ceramics parts, made with Cold Pressing, Isostatic Pressing, Injection Molding, Extrusion, and Sintering Technologies.

PicoParts serves companies ranging from huge conglomerates to the smallest private company. We provide high-quality, on time delivery and outstanding service to our customers.


PicoParts serves a diversified market range. This translates into experience, added value for our customers and our ability to introduce versatile solutions.


Using experience and skill our engineers provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

Customer Centricity
Our customers are our success, we create value to our customers by their products needs in a way that creates competitive advantages.

We introduce innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas within our field of expertise.

Creative Focused
We combine “out of the box” thinking with the use of unique materials and sophisticated technologies.

Constant Improvement
We maintain improvement of “in-house” technologies, production, efficiently & high precision quality standards.

Do you have a challenge?
we have a SOLUTION