The Aerospace industry is well known for its high quality and safety standards as well as the need for innovation and cutting edge technologies. Manufacturers are required to meet exceptionally high technical requirements in a repeatable way.


PicoParts Unique Offerings to the Aerospace Industry

PicoParts has set a goal to fulfill Aerospace Industry requirements such as: high accuracy, repeatability, innovative thinking, zero failure and attention to service requirements such as on time delivery, packaging and shipping. By doing so PicoParts is now listed among the distinguished few that manufacture sophisticated items for this important industry and take pride of this industry’s success.
PicoParts is accredited for several success stories in the Aerospace Market. Large numbers of our production parts are assembled in complex and sophisticated flawless systems hovering in space.
Our uniqueness is mainly due to our “outside the box” innovative thinking and our aspiration for perfection. During our service to the Aerospace market we have managed to succeed where others have failed making us sole suppliers for these items. Our vast experience with hard materials and multidisciplinary knowledge drawn from the wide market range we serve distinguishes us from any competitors.


Ceramic Ball Cavity

This Ceramic Cavity is the heart of a special gyroscope mechanism used in systems where performance at ultra-high acceleration rates is required. Two of these high precision cavities are used as an outer shell for a precision ball that rotates inside without ever touching the walls of the ceramic cavity. A special grade of custom made micro-grain toughened Alumina is used in order to meet needs of wear resistance, along with high fracture strength. Read more

Hanging Assembly

These are unique springs made of aged stainless-steel and are used in deep vacuum environments. Precision laser welding technology is used for components assembly as the mass of the parts is very small and the material is sensitive to high temperatures. Read more

Alumina Bead

Precision beads made of high density Alumina. The zero porosity of the material ensures performance in deep vacuum cycles. The labyrinth shape has tight tolerances with unique geometry, sharp internal and external corners (“0” Radii). Read more

Precise Shaft

Tool Steel Shaft for high speed jet engines. High revolutions environment requires perfect balancing that can only be achieved with “Zero Run-Out”. PicoParts developed unique grinding process in production of this shaft to ensure meeting less than one micron (0.001mm) requirements such as run-out, roundness, straightness and more. The ultra-high accuracy of this shaft allows our customer to save the high costs involved in dynamic balancing. Read more

Pico Parts is at your service in any challenge and obstacle